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Ayurveda and Yoga Meditation India

Ayurveda and Yoga Meditation in India
Yoga & Meditation India Tour
Yoga & Meditation Tour in India

Yoga and Meditation in India

Modern age life has given too many news things to us. It has made our lives easier in many ways. But more than that, it has also increased the stress levels, the complexities and mental pressure under which we keep going on. What we immediately do not realize is the impact of living such a lifestyle on our health. But those who do care about their lives and want to live it the healthy way, what could be a better way to de-stress from the distresses of life than to relax in the soothing and therapeutic balm of India’s Yogic and Meditational practices. India is internationally renowned for its ancient healing practices and alternative therapies. For more than thousands of years now, we have followed our own indigenous healing systems and medicinal practices such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Pranic Healing to name just a few. It is no wonder then that people from all over the world are turning to the Indian sub continent for guidance towards a more spiritually satisfying way of life.

Yoga and Meditation are just such indigenous twin techniques of self-realization and purification. One incomplete without the other, they help an individual to develop a sense of physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual well being. Yoga in all its forms tries to create harmony of the body with the mind and soul. It is a very general term that encompasses many different disciplines ranging from the purely physical to the purely spiritual, and is a truly original Indian concept.

Many people believe that yoga and meditation are mystic arts that demand complete devotion to the exclusion of everything else. However, the truth is that Yoga and Meditation are not the hard taskmasters they are often made out to be. Yoga and Meditation can easily be incorporated into our daily lives, requiring no more than a few minutes, if not more, everyday. Their benefits on the other hand are wide-ranging and restorative. For instance, meditation has proven to be highly effective in treating psychological conditions, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety, and Yoga is known to increase levels of self-confidence and memory.

We have designed special Yoga and Meditation tour packages that will allow you to combine your holiday and travel to India with a truly uplifting and revitalizing experience. What could be better way to spend a vacation than to go on an inspiring health holiday that will leave you physically, mentally and spiritually refresh


When everything else fails to ease and calm your mind, a therapeutic session of Yoga is sure to relax you and fill you with peace and serenity. Travel to India to discover Yoga, a 5,000 year old scientific technique for spiritual development, that at the very least will soothe your agitated senses and fill you with a sense of well-being, and at the most, help you to attain nirvana or Moksha, the ultimate unification of the body, mind and soul with the entire universe, as one interconnected whole. Yoga is an originally Indian concept that was propounded by the ancient Indian sage Patanjali and is derived from the Sanskrit word Yog which means ‘union,’ presumably union with the divine being or God.

Yoga is not a religion. It is a secular and scientific methodology of the experience and integration of the mind-body-spirit. It consists of a large body of varied techniques through a balanced practice of Astanga or the eight limbs of yoga. Some of the most often practiced types of Yoga are:

Karma Yoga: the way of right action that propounds selfless serving without the motivation of obtaining results of labor.

Bhakti Yoga: the way of devotion thorough devotion to a supreme being to submerge emotion and self in pure love.

Jnana Yoga: the way of knowledge through studying divinity and learning to discriminate between illusion and reality.

Hatha Yoga: the physical path that trains the body to control the mind and senses through asana and pranayama.

Tantric Yoga: the feminine path that worships the goddess of energy and sees the body as the temple of the divine.

Kundalini Yoga: the path of energy that arouses the energy stored in the chakras through breathing and movement.

Raja Yoga: the path of meditation that controls the mind from wandering and helps to obtain mastery over thought.

Yoga essentially seeks to utilize the energy present in every human being to regulate the heart rate, clear confusion and provide peace of mind. It provides long lasting results, and is perhaps the only discipline that works as a deterrent to the development of any further disease, without the help of any orally administered medicine. It has also been known to retard the ageing process.

According to the philosophy of Yoga, at the deepest (or highest) level of our existence on this earth, we are all perfectly free. However, this is not our everyday experience for in our ordinary state of consciousness, we are subject to all kinds of limitations, and most significantly, experience suffering (duhkha). The practice of Yoga can help us discover our innate freedom, through an extensive process of self-purification and cleansing of the mind.

Yoga detoxifies the body through purification of bowel, enemas, cleansing of the nasal passage and eyes. The breathing exercise ‘Pranayama’ enables one to get rid of blockages in the nadis. These harmful blockages are caused by various factors such as stress, toxins and improper diet and, impede the flow of prana throughout the body. According to proponents of Yoga, the interrupted flow of prana leads to adversities in mental, physical and emotional health of an individual. Regular practice of Yoga can rid us of these injurious blockages.

At india-travel-agents.com we have designed just such travel holiday packages for you. Our tours allow you to travel around India and delve into your latent spirituality at the same time. Our exclusive holidays combine sightseeing either with rejuvenating Ayurvedic Health Treatments in Madras (Chennai), Yoga and Meditational Holidays in Rishikesh, magical Sanjeevanam therapeutic massages in Kerala, a stay at the famous Bihar School of Yoga or Yogic instruction at the Ananda Spa Resort in the Himalayas.

So get ready to revive yourself with travel and a Yoga and Meditation holiday in India. You will be refreshed and rejuvenated in the beautiful environs of nature within no time and experience your spirituality like never before. Travel in India is sure to be a truly refreshing experience this time around!


Meditation and Yoga are synonymous with India and Indian spirituality. You can now make travel to India a truly blissful and spiritual experience that will far exceed any holiday or vacation you have experienced so far. For at india-travel-agents.com we have specially designed Meditation and Yoga tours that allow you to combine travel in India with peaceful meditational experiences.

Meditation is one of the most important components of Yoga, which is a mind-body therapy involving a series of exercises. The word ‘meditation’ covers many disparate practices from visualizing situations, focusing on objects or images, thinking through a complex idea, or even getting lost in a provocative book, all qualifying as meditation in the broad sense. However in Yoga, meditation generally refers to the more formal practice of focusing the mind and observing oneself in the moment.

Simply put, meditation is designed to carry us beyond the illusions created by our thoughts and senses so that we are able to experience everything in its truest form. Therefore, it is a focusing of the mind on a single object so as to create a cessation of all thought. As thoughts dissipate, the mind becomes quiet and devoid of all distractions, and we are able to exist completely in the present moment. Practiced to its advanced stages, meditation is contended to be the means of achieving the exalted state of enlightenment or supreme self-realization.

The techniques of meditation are simple and easy to learn, though the ability to keep the mind focused takes time, patience and practice. And while few reach the exalted state, meditation confers many benefits along the way. The benefits of practicing meditation regularly include reduction of stress, tension, anxiety and frustration, as well as improved memory, concentration, inner peace and physical well-being. Meditation has also proven to be highly effective in treating psychological conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, schizophrenia and anxiety.

At india-travel-agents.com, it is our constant endeavor to give more value and new meaning to travel and tourism. That is why we have developed special Yoga and Meditational holiday package tours that allow you to combine travel in India with a glimpse at its inherent spirituality. Our exclusive Yoga India tours combine sightseeing either with rejuvenating Ayurvedic Health Treatments in Madras (Chennai), Yoga and Meditational Holidays in Rishikesh, magical Sanjeevanam therapeutic massages in Kerala, a stay at the famous Bihar School of Yoga or Yogic instruction at the Ananda Spa Resort in the Himalayas. Not only that, we also offer you complete travel services and hotel bookings, and assume responsibility for ensuring that you keep to your schedule.

So now that you know that an enriching and uplifting vacation is just a mouse click away, get ready to experience a spiritual travel in India. You will, for the first time, realize what true peace of mind really is.


India is a land of inherent spirituality and people have been known to travel here to find solace in its ancient wisdom since time immemorial. India is also the birthplace of the concept of Yoga and Meditation, practices that are becoming increasingly relevant and popular in the context of today’s spiritual aridity. Developed by the ancient sage Patanjali in his search for the ultimate unification of the mind, body and spirit with the divine being, or God, Yoga and Meditation are a combination of a series of exercises and mind focusing techniques. They are believed to be the means of achieving ‘enlightenment’ and ‘nirvana.’ The verdant valleys and pristine Himalayas of India are the perfect environs for furthering your quest for spirituality.

Some of the most popular Yoga and Meditation tourist destinations in India are the picturesque and peaceful state of Kerala, the spiritual land of Buddha- Bihar, the pilgrim center of Rishikesh or the quiet and serene town of Dharamshala on the shores of the holy Ganga.

Kerela is famous for its beautiful backwaters, Ayurvedic Healing Centers and practice of alternate therapies. It offers you a wide range of therapeutic Ayurvedic and herbal oil massages from experienced professionals. These massages and naturopathic regimes leave you feeling truly refreshed and energized. A stay at Kareeleyam for a magical Sanjeevanam massage is an extremely popular and rejuvenating tourist preference. In fact, it would be very correct to say that a trip to Kerala is incomplete without opting for a stint at an Ayurvedic Resort.

A tour to the northern part of India, on the other hand, involves visiting some of the most holy Indian pilgrimage sites like etc. Rishikesh is widely considered the Yoga capital of India. Tourists and travelers attend the International Yoga Week that is organized here, in hordes every year. Numerous travelers searching quietude and inner peace also stop to practice Yoga and meditation in this serene town nestled in the lap of the Himalayas.

Another favorite tourist destination for those seeking a cultural heritage tour combined with Yogic instruction is the state of Bihar. Bihar was the home state of the Lord Gautam Buddha, and numerous places associated with different stages of his life, such as Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Gaya, Nalanda, etc. are located here. The renowned Bihar School of Yoga at Munger in Bihar offers meditation and yoga sessions for tourists.

The Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort set amid 50 acres of lush greenery in Chennai, the monastries of Dharamshala and the idyllic Ananda Spa in the foothills of the Himalayas are some of the other popular travel and tourist destinations that have a tradition of Yoga, Meditation and spirituality attached to them. Whichever the place, we at india-travel-agents.com will be sure to offer you carefully planned holiday package tours to that very destination. With us you can always be sure of a unique travel experience that not just takes you to new places, but also gives you blessedness and peace of mind.


At Indian visit, it is our aim to provide you with a wide range of travel and tour services that take care of all your travel needs. We also try to anticipate your requirements and design special holidays that offer you more than just a traveling or sightseeing tour. Our Yoga and Meditation in India tour packages are one such effort that combines sightseeing with Yoga and Meditation sessions at some of the best Yoga and Meditation Centers in India.

Our Yoga and Meditation travel holidays give you an unmatched opportunity to explore your latent spirituality. We offer you the chance of actually being instructed in Yoga techniques and Meditation practices by some of India’s best-known Yoga Masters. Not only that, you will also be living in some of the most beautiful ashrams and health spas in India for the entire duration of the Meditation and Yoga session.

Some of the exclusive Yoga and Meditation Tours of India that are offered by us are:
» Rejuvenation and Meditation
» Keraleeyam Magic
» Yoga and Meditation

Please remember that these itineraries can be tailor-made to your requirements and adjusted to your specific needs. We hope you will find our tours uniquely rejuvenating and relaxing experiences. We also hope that they will give you a deeper insight into how Yoga and Meditation can be helpful in reducing stress-levels and creating a sense of healthy well-being in our daily lives.

The Ananda Spa Resort or Ananda in the Himalayas is a Rafael Resort and Spa. Located in the summer destination of Narendra Nagar, Ananda is housed in the palace of the erstwhile Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal. Ananda is an exclusive spa where you'll find, royalty, film stars and exclusive leisure and business travelers.

Ananda, which means happiness in Sanskrit, offers its guests the opportunity to relax, de-stress and reuvenate. The Ananda Resort and Spa offers its guests a luxurious retreat from the stresses of life. Stay in sylvan surroundings, treat yourself to a range of therapies on offer and indulge at the tea lounge or enjoy a quiet read in the library. The rooms are furnished in teakwood and silk, and are decorated with tantric art and local handicrafts to provide an elegant, opulent and relaxing ambience.

The therapies on offer at the Ananda Resort and Spa include Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Yoga and Hydotherapy. There is a fitnesscenter and swimming pool, where you can work out and tone your muscles. Other facilities include a jacuzzi and a sauna. Treatments such as Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Aroma Therapy, Reiki, and Reflexology, are offered to guests at the spa. The cuisine offered at the spa is in keeping with holistic nutritional principles. Organically grown fresh food is served flavored with locally grown herbs and spices. Packages offered by the Ananda Spa Resort include the Ananda Wellness Bliss Package, Ananda Sanjeevni Packages and Ananda Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Package. Relax at Ananda in the Himalayas on your summer vacation and return feeling, younger fresher and totally rejuvenated. Enjoy a spa holiday in India at the Indian summer destination of the Ananda Spa Resort.

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